Monday, 29 October 2012

The Doctor

I listen to Doctor Hooka mixes a lot. A monumental amount. More than is probably healthy. In other words, A whole sodding LOT. In fact today my entire working soundtrack was a selection of his mixes... I'm a huge fan of his track selection, the leaping across genres and the defining themes that truly work without sticking to the obvious. "Is good init" as they say round here. Here's a few examples of why I'm gushing so...

Bit of a Halloween thing going on with this one.

Spaceport (Re-Edit)

I got a real thing for the electroswing scene, it's happy music. The world needs more happy. This delivers it.

Hookz & Swings

During the recent series of Doctor Who, our musical Doctor did a mix inspired by each episode. They're all worth grabbing, really great selection of tunes, but this one in particular tickles my fancy.

A Town Called Mercy

Also the Doctor providers other musical services with radio shows on:
Every 2nd/4th Thursday 3pm GMT
Every Monday 10pm GMT
Every Sunday 11pm GMT

And there's this simple but effective classy thing....

Massive Attack/Everything But The Girl-Better Things (Hook-Cave Extension)

And a brief bit of extra Tardis action, Eminem style.

You Need a Doctor


  1. Wow, dunno what to say, massive thanks mate, means a lot that you're digging my stuff :)

  2. Nice tunes just a shame he's such a vile person IRL